San Francisco Bay Iggies


Italian Greyhound Playdate Group

1- No mean or aggressive dogs, if they have a problem you will be asked to leash or remove your dog.  It's only happened a few times ever, extremely rare.

2- ABSOLUTELY NO dogs may attend without their owners present. It’s just not a good idea.  If you cannot attend, we'll see you next time.  Thank you for understanding.

3- No bitches in Season. Intact males are welcome ONLY IF they are not bothersome to other dogs or bitches.  It is your responsibility to control your dogs.

4- ABSOLUTELY no food for iggies to share, some dogs are on managed diets for health reasons. Water for the dogs will be provided.

5- Vaccinations: NO PUPPIES under 17 weeks.  They must have received ALL 3 puppy DHP shots ending at 16 weeks, plus TEN days for immunity to take effect. Dogs of 6 to 8  mos. or older must have received required Rabies vaccines OR please speak with me privately. This is for ALL our safety.

6- Watch your dogs' behavior, if he's not playing nicely or the other dogs are skirting him/her, then intervene and control the dog.

7- We do have a an occasional issue with some of our dogs getting a bit too wild for mixed company in small spaces and go knocking about as if we were at a park....I have to ask all of you to leash dogs who do that PLEASE!! We have too many itty bitties & new rescues that can easily get knocked about or scared by rough play, and our playdates are not the proper place for that. It's better to allow rough play in smaller groups and larger spaces. THANK YOU ALL FOR UNDERSTANDING. So if your dog is running willy/nilly or roughhousing, please contain them/control them.

 8- We are open to IGGIES ONLY, NO other breeds are invited to join us, unless owned by hosts and if safe and unscary to the member dogs.

9- If you wish to invite a guest, please run it by me first, and they must also understand these rules.

10- BRING a dish you like to make for about 10 or more people if you are coming. Do not come empty handed please, this Pot Luck format is what has made our playdates fun for all & very special and enjoyable, sharing a meal and watching our dogs play.

11- PLEASE no alcohol/wine.  It’s too easy for the dogs to get into it and remember you still have a long drive home.

THANK YOU for understanding and making our playdates a success!

SF Bay Iggies has 148 Member families and their Iggies, yet very few families with yards that can help host our Playdates….please let me know if this might be possible at your home and we can visit the idea.

A little history....

SF Bay Iggies was begun by Charlie Bailey who remains a member.  It has grown to over 140 families over the years.  My name is Vikki Landes & I am now the contact person for our playdate group. Our focus is to have IG ONLY monthly playdates in the general San Francisco Bay Area during the nicer months of the year.  We have hosts for our Playdates from San Jose to Vacaville during good weather season.  IF YOU HAVE A YARD TO SHARE, we are always looking for more hosts, and are in need of larger spaces!

Our No. California IGCA Rescue Representative usually joins us if you have Rescue questions. Our group wholeheartedly supports IGCA Rescue.

We've caught up to the computer age. We are currently on a totally e-mail based notification list for our invitations. This website is available as well, acting as a resource for updates and general information.

The Playdates were begun as and continue to be a way to get together, share a Potluck for ourselves and get to watch our IGs play and socialize.  Bring a dish to share for humans.  There is a $5.00 entry fee PER Family, which helps maintain the website and defray any costs of running the playdates.

Playdate RULES

If you wish to attend you need to read AND agree to them.

Upcoming Playdates


Coming soon!! On Sunday October 28th, 2018. From 12 pm to 3 pm at Mark and Colette’s home in Pleasanton.


I’m trying to line them up in advance if we can.  Anyone wish to host one soon?


MEMBER Hosts sought!!!!   In order to continue having our playdate group and good times,

we need a fairly good sized ig safe yard to accommodate our group, and if you have one to share, please contact me and we can take a look and perhaps schedule something.

Contact me here if you need information.